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Risser Orthopaedic Group

Is constant discomfort stopping you from living your life in the way you'd like. Risser Orthopaedic Group’s surgeons and medical staff will use their skills and expertise to help you walk away from all of your aches and pains and start enjoying a new lease on life.

Regarded as Pasadena’s leading orthopaedic practice, RISSER Orthopaedic Group offers comprehensive orthopaedic care and interventional pain management. Offering invasive and non-invasive treatments we relieve the pain caused by spine and back problems – changing your life and the way you live it forever. We also treat hand, foot and ankle, hip and knee, shoulder and elbow injuries and a range of sporting ailments.

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A full spectrum of care for all musculoskeletal disorders.

The medical professionals at RISSER Orthopaedic Group each have their own areas of expertise. These include:

RISSER Orthopaedic Group

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There's no need to suffer any longer. RISSER Orthopaedic Group's doctors will empower you with comprehensive knowledge about your condition, and help you make the right decisions to improve your life. And if treatment is the answer we can give you the best possible outcome.

Why choose Risser?

Having been treating patients and improving lives since 1937, RISSER Orthopaedic Group is one of the longest established orthopaedic practices in the United State and one of the most trusted. Our physicians believe that a caring approach which includes empathy, respect, and compassion is the one to take. That is why make sure our patients are always empowered with knowledge so together we can make the best choices to treat and relieve pain.

  • Innovative non-surgical approaches – we are able to offer a range of FDA-approved non-invasive treatments and innovative therapies to help you enjoy pain relief without surgery.
  • Our patient centered approach – our people-focused approach ensures that our patients are at the center of all we do. We look into your history and your preferences, and work out plans that best suit your needs.

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A history of healing

Risser Orthopaedic Group has a history of offering extraordinary healthcare in Pasadena stretching back to the 1930s when pioneering spine surgeon Dr. Joseph Risser started providing his expert care in the community. Now the practice brings state-of-the-art healing techniques and technology to carry on this proud tradition of offering high standards of healthcare.
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Regenerative Medicine

Greatly reduce the need for surgery by treating injured tissues before the damage progresses any further. Imagine alleviating your knee pain without having to get a knee replacement. The goal of regenerative therapy is to heal injured tissue and not just mask the pain.
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Sports Injuries

Many of our patients hurt themselves doing the activities they love the most. Our physicians can deal with a range of sporting injuries and get you back on track fast. There’s no need to suffer for your sport!

  • Basketball Injury Management Basketball Injuries
  • Football Injury Management Football Injuries
  • Baseball Injury Management Baseball Injuries
  • Soccetr Injury Management Soccer Injuries
  • Running Injury Management Running Injuries
  • Skiing Injury Management Skiing Injuries
  • Tennis Injury Management Tennis Injuries
  • Cycling Injury Management Cycling Injuries